Quick Tip: Inline Multiple Choice Items

This week we introduced a new addition to our Multiple Choice Item Type. We have gotten a few questions about updating our multiple choice item to allow for inline options. Below is the process for this new improvement to the MC item type.

To insert an inline MC question, write your question in the same way you would write a constructed response question by inserting three underscore’s in the stem where you want the blank to be. After that is done, finish adding the information you would like to be a part of the question. An example is below.

Edit Screen

When the item is presented to students, there will be a “select one” icon where the blank was in the question and clicking on the box will drop down the multiple choice answer options.



At this time, only one inline choice is allowed on an item. In the near future, look for the ability to add multiple inline choices per item. We’ll announce that in a new Quick Tip post when it is ready.

If you have questions or further thoughts for the next Naiku quick tip, please contact me.

Colin SchildNaiku Quick Tip is a weekly blog by Naiku Teacher Support Representative Colin Schild, who taught mathematics for grades 5-8 for the past four years. Colin now works to help teachers create more effective and efficient classroom assessment practices. You can reach him at colins@naiku.net or at support@naiku.net. Follow him on Twitter @SchildColin

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