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Quick Tip: Build tests even quicker now with Naiku’s new autobuild feature.

The autobuild feature allows you to quickly create tests by having Naiku automatically suggest and add items for you based your search criteria.

Below are the steps I used to create Pythagorean Theorem quiz with 10 questions.

Step 1: Create a new assessment and search for items.

Step 2: Select the search criteria and search for items
In this example, I am typing in “pythagorean” into the stem filter. This will give me all of the questions that have the word “pythagorean” in the stem of the question. I can also use any of the other filters such as from a specific item bank or with the standards tab.

After you select search, the results are shown in the third tab. From here, you can select items to view them and assign them to a test like before by selecting the box next to the question.

Step 3: Autobuild the Test
Once I have filtered my items, I can choose to have Naiku randomly select a specific number of items. In this case, I am going to select 10 items and then select “Suggest Items”

Naiku then shows 10 randomly selected items. I can preview these items by selecting them. If I don’t like an item, I can select the icon on the left of the item to swap that item out with another option from my filtered list.

Once I approve of the items, I can select “Add all items to assessment” and then save my assessment and assign it to my classes.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future Quick Tips.

Colin SchildNaiku Quick Tip is a weekly blog by Naiku’s Teacher Support Representative Colin Schild, who taught mathematics for grades 5-8 for the past four years. Colin now works to help teachers create more effective and efficient classroom assessment practices. You can reach him at or at Follow him on Twitter @SchildColin

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