Naiku Quick Question helps teachers Bridge the Gap

Classroom response systems help a good teacher be a better teacher. There’s nothing magical about it; it’s a lot like the traditional way of eliciting responses from students, only better. If a teacher has ever said, ‘can I see a show of hands’ or ‘let’s take a vote’ or  ‘how many of you think …,’ then they’ll be able to use Naiku’s Quick Question and get even more students engaged in the discussion.

The beauty of a web based classroom response system like Quick Question is that it enables teachers to use devices that are already very familiar and comfortable for their students. Having students use tools they like using is a good thing; it increases the likelihood of learning.

Quick Question is designed for the classrooms that have 1:1 laptops or tablets, or those that have embraced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach gaining momentum in school districts everywhere. With Quick Question and a BYOD policy teachers have a free and easy way to deepen understanding in any kind of lesson. The literature on best practices with classroom response systems in K-12 is growing and includes examples of an enhanced classroom experience from every discipline. Quick Question brings a tried and true pedagogical approach to the new technology rich classroom. It helps teachers bridge the gap between the way they used to teach and the way students want them to teach.

Try Quick Question for yourself, today! It is always and forever free for teachers.

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