How Item Statistics Can Help Your Formative Assessment Practice

When I worked as a psychometrician for large testing companies, I would always conduct an item analysis on the test questions to ensure that they were good and reliable.  And when I often met with teacher groups to explain and discuss their statewide accountability test results, the teachers would always ask for the item analysis results. They wanted to know how their students did on each question. They wanted to know how hard or easy each question was and how many students selected each of the response options.  Invariably, I … Read More

The Testing Effect

We all knew that learning is not a passive mechanism – the learner (i.e., the student) must be an active participant in the process. But who knew that taking a test is also not a passive mechanism for assessing how much students know? Cognitive psychologists (learning and memory experts) knew, and they have been studying the benefits of testing for decades. What they’ve found is that test taking actually helps students learn. This phenomenon, called the testing effect, has been observed in a wide variety of materials, including word lists, … Read More

Tablets in the Classroom

How long before your classroom is full of tablet computers? 2011, at least at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is being called “the year of the tablet.” If you have used an iPad for more than 10 minutes at the Apple store or Best Buy, you know that if it isn’t 2011, the tablet’s year is certainly coming soon.  What is most striking about the tablet form factor (and the iPad interface) is that non-techies are generally comfortable with it in about a day. Contrast this with the months or … Read More

TIES Conference – Hope We Engaged You!

We had a great time sharing the Naiku Platform at TIES conference December 6th & 7th. The conference was appropriately named “Engage Me”; and had over 2,700 attendees representing administrators, teachers, technology personnel, and many other education professionals from across the country. See the following links for more information on the TIES “Engage Me” conference: (http://tchlrn.ties.k12.mn.us/ties2010/main/details.asp , http://wiki.ties.k12.mn.us/) Monday’s keynote speaker was Sir Ken Robinson. He made an impassioned plea for all attendees to think differently about how we deliver education and search out ways to help students find their … Read More

TIES 2010: Engage Me

The Naiku team is getting ready for the TIES 2010 Education Technology Conference. We’re all excited to hear Sir Ken Robinson’s keynote address entitled “How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.” Should be a great start to the conference. We at Naiku have found our passion. That’s why we started Naiku. That’s why we’re so excited to share our passion with other educators. Come share your passion with us at TIES. Visit our booth and meet the Naiku team. You can also see us at the Exhibit Hall Theater on Tuesday … Read More

What is Naiku?

Since I started telling people that I founded Naiku with Corey and Kevin, the first thing people always ask is “What’s Naiku?” I’m always happy to tell them that naiku means “teacher” in Lao. I’m originally from Laos, and am always proud to talk to people about this small nation in southeast Asia. My parents moved my family to the US in 1980, of course in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter. It was quite a shock to go from a warm tropical climate of Laos to the frozen … Read More

Facilitating “Connection”

Seven years ago, I was introduced to the educational technology market by PLATO Learning, where I worked at various levels of management in the Product Development department. PLATO Learning creates innovative, computer-based curriculum across a wide array of subjects and has been doing so for over 40 years. During my time there, we would have speakers come in during our annual company meetings to provide a perspective on a number of subjects, from the current “state of education” to technology’s place in education. Towards the end of the speeches, there … Read More

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