Quick Tip: New Assign Test UI

We recently rolled out a new user-interface (UI) for assigning assessments to classes. The changes were prompted by teachers and administrators looking for a more intuitive way to assign an assessment to multiple classes. Read More

Google Forms – Naiku Comparison

We are sometimes asked how Naiku compares to Google Forms, a free general purpose survey tool, for use in assessment by schools.  In short, Naiku is specifically designed for educators and has many built-in features that promote teacher-student feedback, enhance collaboration, give greater insight into student performance by standard and save time.  The following table compares Naiku and Google Forms for educational use. Naiku – Google Forms comparison  

Metacognition: The effect of self-assessment/self-grading on student performance

Self assessment and metacognition effect on accelerating student learning. Read More

Naiku Quick Question helps teachers Bridge the Gap

Classroom response systems help a good teacher be a better teacher. There’s nothing magical about it; it’s a lot like the traditional way of eliciting responses from students, only better. If a teacher has ever said, ‘can I see a show of hands’ or ‘let’s take a vote’ or  ‘how many of you think …,’ then they’ll be able to use Naiku’s Quick Question and get even more students engaged in the discussion. The beauty of a web based classroom response system like Quick Question is that it enables teachers … Read More

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