Purpose and Uses of Benchmark Now!

As you are aware, we released a series of interim or benchmark assessments called  Benchmark Now!™ These assessments are designed to help teachers identify students’ math knowledge and skills as measured by the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of benchmark assessments is to provide information on group of students and identify where students are with respect to achievement of the Common Core State Standards to date.   Benchmark Now! assessments are well suited to be given at the beginning of the school year. It is important to take this … Read More

Google Forms – Naiku Comparison

We are sometimes asked how Naiku compares to Google Forms, a free general purpose survey tool, for use in assessment by schools.  In short, Naiku is specifically designed for educators and has many built-in features that promote teacher-student feedback, enhance collaboration, give greater insight into student performance by standard and save time.  The following table compares Naiku and Google Forms for educational use. Naiku – Google Forms comparison  

Quick Question Quick Tip #2

Engaging Students Without a Projector Did you know that you can easily share Quick Question class results with all of your students without the need for a projector?  Whether working with a small group in class or all your students outside of class, simply press the Send Results button and the class results will be instantly sent to every student device, in addition to your screen. (Sample Teacher and Student screenshots shown below)  Note that students can’t identify individual answers – only the teacher can do that.  So, the next … Read More

Quick Question Quick Tip #1

How To Identify Individual Student Answers Did you know that you can easily identify individual student answers when polling your students with Quick Question?  It’s easy – simply hover your mouse over the answer selection, and a pop-up box will highlight all those students (or teachers if you are using in a staff meeting!) that have responded.  See screenshot below as an example. Additional tips Interested in additional tips on how you can use your free Quick Question account?  Visit  And remember, if you like Quick Question, please share with … Read More

Naiku receives eSchool Media Readers’ Choice Award

MINNEAPOLIS, July 24, 2012 – Naiku announced today that, for the 2nd straight year, they received a Readers’ Choice Award from eSchool Media. The Honorable Mention award was given for the Naiku SaaS assessment platform, the only such product to receive a Readers’ Choice Award from eSchool Media this year. The Naiku platform is used by educators to quickly know what their students know – and don’t know – by state standard or learning objective. Perfect for 1:1 and/or BYOD implementations, students take standards aligned quizzes and tests on any … Read More

Naiku Quick Question helps teachers Bridge the Gap

Classroom response systems help a good teacher be a better teacher. There’s nothing magical about it; it’s a lot like the traditional way of eliciting responses from students, only better. If a teacher has ever said, ‘can I see a show of hands’ or ‘let’s take a vote’ or  ‘how many of you think …,’ then they’ll be able to use Naiku’s Quick Question and get even more students engaged in the discussion. The beauty of a web based classroom response system like Quick Question is that it enables teachers … Read More

A Significant and Very Positive Impact on Learning and Teaching

9ine Consulting ( and Naace (( recently shared The iPad as a Tool For Education – a case study that looks at the use of iPads at the Longfield Academy, where the UK’s largest 1 to 1 iPad program was implemented last year. The study report concluded that the use of iPads produced a “significant and very positive impact on learning and teaching.” The study notes that both pedagogical changes and new ways of learning engendered by the ‘any time anywhere’ access to information and learning tools” are expected to … Read More

Fifth Graders Use Naiku on ASUS Transformer Tablets

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a group of 5th graders using Naiku for the first time. Their school had just received a class set of ASUS Transformer tablets. The students and their teacher were excited to use the devices. They were equally excited to use Naiku for the first time. It was their second day with the tablets. On this day, they had planned to take a short assessment on the Persian War using Naiku on the tablets. It was this activity that I was particularly interested in. … Read More

Balanced assessment isn’t sexy

In the era of 1:1, assessment is the often overlooked stepchild Growth of 1:1 The renewed wave of interest and implementation of 1:1 projects in schools recently has been obvious – all over schools are evaluating iPads and other tablets, netbooks, and, given the continued price point decline, laptops. BYOD, once a quickly dismissed subject in the K12 community not that many years ago, is a deservedly hot topic of interest among educators. With the growing proliferation of smartphones – and tablets – among teens today BYOD is an acceptable … Read More

Naiku – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

This is a special guest article from one of our Naiku Star teachers. Len Beard is mathematics teacher at Scott Highlands Middle School in Apple Valley, Minnesota. NAIKU- The Missing Piece of the Puzzle I’ve been ‘flipping’ my classroom for nearly a decade. I pre-test and post-test each chapter and use the pretests as a formative assessment to guide my instruction. The data tells me the strengths and weakness of each of my students. This allows me to give students more individual attention. To make this curriculum approach really effective … Read More

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