3 Benefits of Next Generation Student Assessment

Naiku’s own Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong authored this article on Next Generation Student Assessment featured in SmartBlog on Education:

SmartBlog on Education features post by Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong

Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong’s article, “Student Assessments: Junk in, junk out” was featured today in SmartBlog on Education. See the complete article here:

Transferring Percentages into Your Gradebook

One of the most popular features in Naiku is the ability for teachers to transfer test scores into any gradebook. With the press of one key, teachers can transfer scores for all students into their gradebook. This is a huge time savings from having to manually enter scores for each individual student.   Recently, we’ve received requests for the ability to transfer percentages rather than raw scores into the gradebook. For certain gradebooks, it is best or preferred that the scores be entered as percentages rather than raw points.   … Read More

Viewing PDF and Word Tests in Naiku

We’ve heard from many teachers expressing their desire to allow students to see the test questions in Naiku when they upload their PDF or Word test to a Quick Key assessment.   We’re happy to report that now you can. When you upload a PDF or Word file of your test to your Quick Key assessment, you will now have the option to display that PDF or Word document directly to students in Naiku.   Read this support article to find more about this new feature and for a step-by-step … Read More

Don’t Forget the Students

Teachers and readers of this blog are well aware of the power of formative assessment. As Black and Wiliam have summarized, formative assessment is one of the most effective instructional strategies ever. Popham (2009) provides this clear and concise definition of formative assessment: “Formative assessment is not a test. Rather, it is an ongoing process in which teachers use test-elicited evidence to adjust their instruction or students use it to adjust their learning tactics.” I like this definition of formative assessment because it reminds us that for formative assessment to … Read More

Next Generation Classroom Assessment with the SAMR Model

The SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) Model has rightfully been receiving a lot of attention from school districts as they implement tablets and other edtech devices in the classroom.  The model suggests a progression for adoption of technology, and we’ve received requests from educators for recommendations on how they could apply the SAMR model as they introduce next generation assessment.  The following represents some basic steps for consideration; educators interested in trying these suggested examples in the classroom can use Naiku via a free trial by signing up here.   … Read More

Naiku releases Reading Comprehension assessments with BenchmarkNow!

Naiku announced today the release of Reading Comprehension assessments for BenchmarkNow!, a web based application for teachers to quickly measure student proficiency in Common Core States Standards. Naiku is providing BenchmarkNow! as a free resource for teachers, and now includes ready-to-use assessments to measure student math and reading comprehension knowledge in grades 3-12. Download the full press release here: Naiku Benchmark Now w-Reading PR

Reading Tests: Passages and Questions

It’s now easier than ever to create and deliver reading tests in Naiku to your students. Now, you can create reading passages and items and have them display side-by-side.   Follow these easy steps to create your next reading test.   1. Create Assessment Click on the Assessments tab at the top. Then under Create, select New Assessment. 2. Create Passage  Under New Item, select Passage and subitems. This will bring up the page to create your passage. Simply copy the text from you source file and paste it into … Read More

Purpose and Uses of Benchmark Now!

As you are aware, we released a series of interim or benchmark assessments called  Benchmark Now!™ These assessments are designed to help teachers identify students’ math knowledge and skills as measured by the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of benchmark assessments is to provide information on group of students and identify where students are with respect to achievement of the Common Core State Standards to date.   Benchmark Now! assessments are well suited to be given at the beginning of the school year. It is important to take this … Read More

Naiku Releases Benchmark Now!

Naiku announced today the release of BenchmarkNow!, a web based resource for teachers to quickly measure student proficiency in Common Core States Standards. Naiku is providing BenchmarkNow! as a free resource for teachers, and includes ready-to-use assessments to measure student math knowledge in grades 3-12. Download the full press release here: Naiku Releases Benchmark Now PR  

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