Naiku Quick Key

We’ve heard from many Naiku users who’ve said something along these lines: “I already have my test created in Word. Can I use that test in Naiku?” “I’ve got my tests saved as PDF files. Can I import those into Naiku?”   The answer use to be “No, you can’t import each of those questions into Naiku. You can copy and paste them in item by item”.   Now, the answer is “Yes! You can import that Word or PDF file into Naiku.”   Introducing Quick Key™ If you already … Read More

A Bring Your Own Technology (Device) Policy Statement

Here’s the policy statement that one of our client schools uses to guide their Bring Your Own Technology program.  We’ve heard of too many schools agonizing too much, in our opinion, over drafting such a policy.  It’s always good to have everyone voice their ideas and weigh-in on new innovations, but this isn’t that hard.  The hard, but fruitful work, comes once the policy is in place. If you have variations at your school that you’d like to share, please add a comment below.   Bring Your Own Technology – … Read More

Naiku receives eSchool Media Readers’ Choice Award

MINNEAPOLIS, July 24, 2012 – Naiku announced today that, for the 2nd straight year, they received a Readers’ Choice Award from eSchool Media. The Honorable Mention award was given for the Naiku SaaS assessment platform, the only such product to receive a Readers’ Choice Award from eSchool Media this year. The Naiku platform is used by educators to quickly know what their students know – and don’t know – by state standard or learning objective. Perfect for 1:1 and/or BYOD implementations, students take standards aligned quizzes and tests on any … Read More

Fifth Graders Use Naiku on ASUS Transformer Tablets

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a group of 5th graders using Naiku for the first time. Their school had just received a class set of ASUS Transformer tablets. The students and their teacher were excited to use the devices. They were equally excited to use Naiku for the first time. It was their second day with the tablets. On this day, they had planned to take a short assessment on the Persian War using Naiku on the tablets. It was this activity that I was particularly interested in. … Read More

Naiku Participates in Edmodo Launch of App Store

Edmodo, a social learning platform for teachers, announced the launch of its app store. The opening of its API to third-party web developers enables the creation of educational apps on the social platform. Naiku is excited to be among the first 35 companies allowed to develop on the platform. Naiku already has a Community Page ( on Edmodo. We look forward to extending the partnership with Edmodo to make the Naiku Assessment Platform available to the broader Edmodo community of teachers. With the Naiku app on the Edmodo App Store, … Read More

Announcing Naiku 2.0

The next-generation of Naiku makes using mobile devices and tablets in the classroom easier than ever. Minneapolis, MN, February 20, 2012 – Naiku, a leader of cloud-based balanced assessment software K-12 education announced version 2.0 of the award-winning Naiku Platform.  Naiku is a best-in-class SaaS platform that enables teachers to make “real-time” instructional decisions to improve student achievement.  Version 2.0 is available for immediate use and requires absolutely zero “app deployment” to get started. New features include: Complete support for Common Core standards A streamlined assessment creation process Auto-scoring of … Read More

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