Scanning Enhancements

Naiku announces several exciting enhancements to its scanning feature. Read More

Sign In Page

You may have noticed the new layout of the Sign-in page.   Teachers and students with accounts in Naiku can continue to simply log in with their usernames (aka login) and passwords. Do so on the left-side of the page. See image below. The Access Code login method (on the right side of the page)  is for students whose teachers have given them an access code for a test. Teachers who have signed up for a free Benchmark Now! account, you should still sign in on the lef-iside of the page with … Read More

Naiku Releases Benchmark Now!

Naiku announced today the release of BenchmarkNow!, a web based resource for teachers to quickly measure student proficiency in Common Core States Standards. Naiku is providing BenchmarkNow! as a free resource for teachers, and includes ready-to-use assessments to measure student math knowledge in grades 3-12. Download the full press release here: Naiku Releases Benchmark Now PR  

Naiku and Pearson Announce ISV Partnership

Naiku announced today a partnership with Pearson, whereby Pearson will include Naiku in their Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program for PowerSchool users. Oliver Wreford, Director of Business Development for Pearson, stated that “Naiku’s collaboration and interactive teacher-student feedback tools in their classroom assessment software are truly innovative. We are excited to have Naiku as part of our ISV program for PowerSchool users.” Download the full press release here: Naiku Pearson ISV PR final

Benchmark Now! Press Release

Naiku is pleased to announce Benchmark Now!, a free tool for math teachers to quickly measure their students’ knowledge of Common Core standards.  Benchmark Now! provides teachers a set of professionally developed, standards aligned assessments in grades 3-12, coupled with the Naiku assessment engine so teachers benefit from automatic scoring and reporting.  Download the full press release here: Naiku Benchmark Now PR

Scanning Now Available in Naiku

Now, in addition to using any web enabled device, students can provide their answers on printed bubble sheets which can be scanned and scored using most document cameras or laptop web cameras. With GradeCam™ integration, teachers can scan printed bubble sheets in those situations where their students don’t have access to a web enabled device.   Printing Bubble Sheets To print the bubble sheets for the student, open the test and click on Actions, and choose “Print Bubble Sheet”. The bubble sheet will contain the Class name, the Test name, … Read More

Transferring Scores into Your Gradebook

Now, with one button, you can transfer test scores from Naiku directly into your gradebook. (First make sure you’ve already installed the GradeCam plugin. For instructions on how to install the plugin, read this blog post. Not that you do not need to have a webcam or document camera for this to work. Just install the plugin.)   When you’re ready to transfer scores into your gradebook, go to the Class Results page in Naiku for the test that you want to transfer the scores. Part of this page is shown … Read More

New Quick Question Features

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Naiku releases two new features to their popular web-based student response system Quick Question. This free on-line formative assessment tool now allows teachers to 1) create questions on the fly in Quick Question and 2) save the data from the session for later viewing.   When you launch Quick Question and start a question, you’ll notice that if you move your mouse over the question number, you can edit that field. This is where you type in (create) your question. In the figure below, you … Read More

Quick Key Press Release

Naiku is pleased to announce the availability of Quick Key, a new feature within the Naiku assessment platform.  Quick Key allows for use of existing paper based tests in PDF, DOC, or similar formats within Naiku, thereby providing the benefits of immediate automated scoring, standards aligned reporting, teacher-student feedback, and more.  Download the full press release here:    

Naiku Quick Key

We’ve heard from many Naiku users who’ve said something along these lines: “I already have my test created in Word. Can I use that test in Naiku?” “I’ve got my tests saved as PDF files. Can I import those into Naiku?”   The answer use to be “No, you can’t import each of those questions into Naiku. You can copy and paste them in item by item”.   Now, the answer is “Yes! You can import that Word or PDF file into Naiku.”   Introducing Quick Key™ If you already … Read More

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