PowerSchool Certifies Naiku Assessment Software

PowerSchool, as part of their newly announced PowerSchool ISV Partner Badging System, has certified Naiku assessment software in all three areas of Single Sign On, Data Exchange, and User Experience for integration with PowerSchool. Naiku is one of just 15 software products, and the only assessment product, to have received certification badges. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku PowerSchool Certification PR

Naiku announces Fall 2015 Teacher Team School Grants

Naiku announced today the opening of applications for the Fall 2015 Teacher Team School Grant program. The program will award 30 schools with grants to support teacher teams in the use of next-generation, learner-centric assessment and will incorporate expert-led professional development and software resource tools. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku Teacher Team School Grants – Fall 2015.

Naiku announces integration of AAAS Project 2061 science bank

Naiku announced today the integration of the Project 2061 science bank. The bank, comprised of over 600 items developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), covers middle and early high school science subjects and is freely available to science educators using Naiku in partnership with the AAAS. In addition, Naiku has curated 36 summative and formative assessments from these items that are also freely available within Naiku. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku Project 2061 PR.

Moorhead Public Schools chooses Naiku for district assessment solution

Naiku announced today that Moorhead Area Public Schools (MN) chooses Naiku as their assessment solution for the district.  The district of 6,000 students valued Naiku’s direct connection to their SIS, PowerSchool, and that they could use existing teacher and district created assessments in a variety of formats, including Schoolnet, ExamView, Word, PDF, and more, as well as create and share their own.  Read the complete announcement here: Naiku Moorhead PR

Naiku announces enhanced integration with PowerSchool

Naiku announces increased integration with PowerSchool®, enhancing interoperability between  Naiku’s award-winning and learner-centric assessment software and PowerSchool, the SIS market share leader.  This increased interoperability enhances ease-of-use and security for PowerSchool educators with direct connection for bi-directional transmission of data between PowerSchool and Naiku.  The complete press release can be read here: Naiku PowerSchool PR.

Transferring Scores with Chrome

Currently, there is an issue with the transfer of scores from Naiku into your grade book via the Chrome browser. This is due to a new feature with the latest Chrome browser. Our partners at GradeCam are working on a solution and should have one available shortly. In the meantime, there are two routes that you can take to transfer your scores: Enable NPAPI in Chrome: You can continue to to use Chrome to transfer your scores and scan your bubble sheets.  In order to do this, you will need to enable NPAPI in your … Read More

Ordered Item Columns

Today, we’re also pleased to announce that we have extended the functionality to the Ordered Item type in Naiku. See our previous announcement on Ordered items. Now, you can add multiple columns to this item type. This allows you to ask students to drag and drop options into multiple columns. For example, you can now ask students to group animals and plants or to sort numbers by multiple of 5 and 7. Here’s a screenshot of how to create an ordered item with two columns. Note that for each column, you have … Read More

Embedded Video

Today, we are happy to announce that Naiku has now added the ability for teachers to embed videos into their assessment items. Embedding a video is simply taking a video from a third party website and displaying it for students to watch right in a Naiku assessment. This is a great feature because it allows students to stay focused on their test screen rather than having navigate to another website to watch the video. To embed a video into a question, first, open your web browser and navigate to the … Read More

Student Prediction

As teachers, we know that student expectations play an important role in student learning. It is important for students to set appropriately high and challenging goals. And it is our task as teachers to help each and every student meet or exceed those expectations. One quick and effective way for teachers to get a better understanding of what expectations students have set for themselves is to ask them to predict their performance on an assessment. In fact, researchers have found that student expectations (i.e., getting students to self-report or predict … Read More

Ordered Item Type

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we have added the Ordered Item type to Naiku. An ordered item is a technology enhanced item (TEI) type that requires students to do more than select a response as an answer. Students interact with the item by selecting and dragging options up or down into the desired sequence. This is a great item type that engages students and allows teachers to assess higher-order thinking skills. The screenshot below shows how you can create an Ordered Item in Naiku. The item creation form should … Read More

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