Testimonials and Case Studies

Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our customers. Teachers, students and administrators have all written to tell us about Naiku and how they are using it.

Eastview in Minnesota

“Naiku saves me time!  It allows me to examine the validity and reliability of my assessments, and the item analysis report allows the class to have richer discussions. For my students, testing is now more personal and individualized. ”

Dr. Todd Beach
Teacher – Eastview High School
Apple Valley, Minnesota

See our interview with Dr. Todd Beach about the benefits of Naiku. Hear how it allows him to collaborate with peers and personalize the assessment process for his students.

“I had the opportunity to observe Dr. Beach’s class today as they engaged in a web based formative assessment using Naiku. This is an exceptional product. Students were using school and personal Netbooks and Laptops, iPads, iPhones. They have an exceptional package and incredible direction. Sounds like they will continue to explode off the R&D launch pad. It is also very ready for mainstream use by all student and teachers using a variety of technology! The future is here!!”

Dr. Randall W. Peterson
Principal – Eastview High School
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Waverly Shell-Rock in Iowa

“…the toughest thing is making sure [students] are learning what they’re supposed to be learning. With Naiku, in a matter of a couple of seconds, the results pull up, and I’m able to figure out pretty quickly which kids are getting it and which are not.  It is short, sweet and to the point.”

Jason Groth
Teacher – Waverly-Shell Rock
Waverly, Iowa


Naiku has made a big difference for students to truly understanding the material that is covered. The ability for them to input their confidence level as they are taking the test and to reflect on each question has brought a great deal of discussion in the classroom.

Honestly, I didn’t think the students would take the reflection portion very seriously, but they did! This gives me an excellent tool for test review and covering material that the students did not seem to understand. Our school uses formative assessment, and Naiku provides us with an excellent tool to implement it by giving us quality information instantly.

Oh, and did I mention that Naiku has literally saved me hours of work?

Naiku has been easy to use, but when there has been a problem, the customer service has been outstanding! That is greatly appreciated. Thank you for giving our school this opportunity.

Lori Millard
Teacher – Hampton-Dumont Schools
Hampton, Iowa

Mounds View

“There are a number of established educational software companies who currently profess to sell a formative assessment system. We have met with and evaluated several of these. None excited us until we saw what Naiku had to offer. Sharing and collaboration is of course one of the goals of our professional learning communities (PLCs). To see how the Naiku Platform can readily fit into the work of our PLCs is very exciting.Therefore, we are committing to using the Naiku software.”

Dan Hoverman
Superintendent – Mounds View Public Schools
Shoreview, Minnesota


“At Westonka Public Schools, we’ve been looking for a good formative assessment solution for our teachers and students. We have found that solution with the Naiku Platform. What we like about the Naiku Platform is how easy it is for our teachers to create questions and tests. We also like how easy it is for teachers to share and collaborate. For students, we love how Naiku encourages them to take ownership of their own learning through student reflection and self-assessment.”

Mark Femrite
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning – Westonka Public Schools
Minnetrista, Minnesota

“We were intrigued by the Naiku’s commitment to creating an educational assessment product that would enable the formative assessment process. We have been impressed with Naiku’s concept, its software development, and their responsiveness and willingness to listen to the needs and insights of classroom teachers. They are committed to incorporating new ideas into their product, such as elements of student reflection, item and assessment sharing, the ability for teachers to collaborate, and the option of organizing assessments and reports by learning targets.  We are keenly interested in Naiku’s vision and their progress in product development. Naiku, while new to this field, has created a unique and valuable teacher-friendly tool to assist educators with the formative assessment process.”

Jane Berenz
Superintendent – Apple Valley-Eagan-Rosemount
Rosemount, Minnesota