3 Benefits of Next Generation Student Assessment

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Naiku’s own Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong authored this article on Next Generation Student Assessment featured in SmartBlog on Education: http://smartblogs.com/education/2015/01/21/3-benefits-of-next-generation-student-assessment/?utm_source=brief Tweet

New Item Types

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In 2015, we will be adding more item types to Naiku. I’m happy to announce today that we have added the Multiple Yes/No and the Multiple Response item types.

A Multiple Yes/No item is one that presents a cluster of items to students. Typically, the items are related to an initial statement or set of statements. This item type is also known as the multiple binary-choice item. Essentially, you can use any binary choice such as yes/no, true/false, correct/incorrect, etc. This item type requires the student to choose a response for each statement in the cluster.

A Multiple Response item is one that allows students to select more than one answer. You should already be familiar with this item type as you were able to create this before in Naiku by creating a multiple choice item and selecting more than one option as the answer.
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Naiku announces Innovative Educator Grants

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Naiku announced today the formation of an educational grant program for innovative teachers and teacher teams. The grant program is valued at $250,000 and is available to innovative educators seeking to employ differentiated instruction and personalized learning practices and tools in their classroom. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku Innovative Educator Grants PR Tweet

Naiku announces support for Student Privacy Pledge

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Naiku announced today support for the Student Privacy Pledge, a pledge by education technology providers to protect the privacy of students that is spearheaded by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software and Information Industry Association. Naiku is one of 75 companies to sign the pledge, effective January 1st, and President Obama has challenged others to sign. Read the complete press release: Naiku Student Privacy Pledge PR Tweet

Meaningful Reflection

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Many Naikus (teachers) are familiar with the MindShift blog. If you’re not, get familiar with it. There are always great articles there to help teachers be better teachers.iconhead A recent article that caught my eye was “What Meaningful Reflection Student Work Can Do for Learning“, an excerpt from a book by Larissa Pahomov, an English and Journalism teacher in Philadelphia. In this article, Larissa describes three characteristics of meaningful reflection (Metacognitive, Applicable, and Shared) and how they improve student learning. Read More

Scholastic Instructor recommends BenchmarkNow!

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Scholastic Instructor selects BenchmarkNow! in a short list of recommended freebies for teachers. Entitled “High Marks” they highlight BenchmarkNow!’s ability to track student progress with ready-to-use assessments in math and reading. View the complete list here. Tweet

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