Naiku as an Instructional Improvement System

Readers of this blog and users of Naiku know the power of Naiku’s assessment platform. But did you know that Naiku is a comprehensive tool that can serve as your Instructional Improvement System (IIS)? If you previously used Thinkgate and are looking for a next generation Instructional Improvement System, take a close look at Naiku.

A good IIS needs to include the following 6 components. Let’s take a look at how Naiku meets these needs.

Standards and Curriculum
An IIS should include educational content aligned to Common Core State Standards, state standards, or local district standards.

Instructional Practices
An IIS should facilitate good instructional practices to improve and accelerate student learning.

Assessment and Growth
An IIS should include formative and summative assessment tools to monitor student progress and growth.

Learner Profiles 
An IIS should allow teachers and administrators to view student results and get performance profiles by subgroups.

Data Analysis and Reporting 
An IIS should include data analysis and reporting tools that give teachers and administrators meaningful and actionable information.

Professional Development
An IIS should include professional development that helps teachers grow and enhance their instructional and assessment practice.

Finally, current Naiku users already know about and are already using Learner Centric Assessment practices. These research-based strategies engage students in the instruction and assessment practice to accelerate learning. These practices include  student self-assessment, prediction, confidence, and reflection. These learner centric practices are unique to Naiku and can help make your ISS more effective.


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