Meaningful Reflection

Many Naikus (teachers) are familiar with the MindShift blog. If you’re not, get familiar with it. There are always great articles there to help teachers be better teachers.iconhead

A recent article that caught my eye was “What Meaningful Reflection Student Work Can Do for Learning“, an excerpt from a book by Larissa Pahomov, an English and Journalism teacher in Philadelphia. In this article, Larissa describes three characteristics of meaningful reflection (Metacognitive, Applicable, and Shared) and how they improve student learning.

At Naiku, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why reflection is such a key component of our assessment platform. Reflections on Naiku are metacognitive in nature. Students self-assess themselves on how they are doing, how they did, and how they can do better. It is applicable because the reflections on these assessments reveal to students how they can do better on the next assessments. Lastly, reflections on Naiku are shared with the teacher, allowing the teacher-student relationship to build to improve student learning.

I hope you’re incorporating meaningful student reflections in your classroom. If not, check out the article by Larissa Pahomov and contact us for tips on how to get started with reflections using Naiku.

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