A Bring Your Own Technology (Device) Policy Statement

Here’s the policy statement that one of our client schools uses to guide their Bring Your Own Technology program.  We’ve heard of too many schools agonizing too much, in our opinion, over drafting such a policy.  It’s always good to have everyone voice their ideas and weigh-in on new innovations, but this isn’t that hard.  The hard, but fruitful work, comes once the policy is in place.

If you have variations at your school that you’d like to share, please add a comment below.


Bring Your Own Technology – Naiku Pilot

Acceptable Use Guidelines


During “Quarter X” at “our school”, various students will be able to bring their own technology devices (e.g. tablets, eReaders, Kindles, iPads, iPods, phones, etc.) for use under teacher supervision in select classrooms participating in the Naiku Pilot program. Naiku is a software program that allows teachers to develop and engage in balanced assessment practices. This is research-based and built around increasing a student’s ownership of learning through assessment. Our goal is “assessment for learning,” something more immediate and reviewable for students and teachers – rather than “assessment of learning,” something summative at the end of the unit, where little review can take place. The Naiku platform gives teachers the ability to tools to share, connect, and collaborate on assessments and data.

A filtered Internet connection on our wireless network will be provided for student use. Students may use their technology devices to be assessed on Naiku. If students do NOT have their own technological device, a netbook, tablet, or computer rom the lab will be provided to them for the activity. Each participating teacher has the discretion to allow and regulate the use of personal devices in the classroom and on these specific Naiku assessments. Students participating in the Naiku pilot must adhere to the MMS Student Handbook, Acceptable Use Agreement, all Board policies, and the following guidelines listed below:
Students must have this signed document and Acceptable Use Agreement on file to use their own device

Student must register their device with their participating teacher. In the case that two or more teachers are participating in one house, one teacher will be responsible for this.

Students will follow the classroom/school expectations for this policy:
1. The device must be concealed and powered OFF in all other instances during the school day
2. Personal devices will NOT be used for non-instructional purposes during the school day. Examples include, but are not limited to the following: personal phone calls, texting/instant messaging, ‘surfing’ the Internet. Administration reserves the right to determine what is considered a non-instructional purpose.
Students shall use the appropriate wireless network determined by the district, and under no circumstances should the student use their device to be physically plugged into the school network connection points.
Students are NOT permitted to use their own 3G/4G network; this is a violation of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
Students will not use devices to establish a wireless network, photograph, record audio or video on district property or while engaged in school-sponsored activities unless approved by staff.

Students are required to give devices to school personnel when directed. Refusal to comply with this directive will be considered insubordination, and the student will be subject to disciplinary action. Student removal of a battery or memory chip from their own device or other device, in the process of being confiscated, is considered insubordination.
The district may reserve the right to collect and examine any device brought to school.
Students who are under suspension of their technology privileges are not allowed to participate.
The district is NOT responsible for any data plan charges that students incur during the Naiku pilot
Students must charge their devices before bringing them to school.
Printing will not be possible or necessary from a student’s device at MMS.
The district will NOT service any personal device (‘troubleshooting,’ software, or hardware issues).
Students will be responsible for securing their devices and ensuring they have appropriate anti-virus software installed, if applicable.

I have read these guidelines and agree to abide by their provisions. I understand that any violation of these may result in disciplinary actions and/or revocation of these privileges. I understand that this opportunity is a privilege with responsibility, not a right.

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